Monday, 10 November 2008

So lets join together again for a blog. A blog about what? You may ask. I really do not know as of right now. I know that is normally not the way that these things are done, but I do not care. So this blog is just gonna be all kinds of BS!!! With some feeling. I know this called tech blog so guess I will start with that. Recently we have been working with Power Point, which is a great tool in the classroom the work place and for fun. I have many times used power point for slide shows in homework and for fun. I have made credits for movies. I have made active football plays. Well and now I have made an interactive slide show. Hurray for me. I am truly sorry for being so sarcastic, but I have a lot on my mind. Mainly is a class that is my seconded to last physics class I have to take. E&M, electricity and magnetism. I would be willing to say it is by far the hardest class I have had to take for my major. Well I bombed by midterm. And there are only three grades for the class. Homework, the midterm and the final. So as of right not the absolute highest I can make is a 72. That means I have to make a 96.5 on the final to get credit in the class. So in short I am really F'ed. This one class could in theory drop me to another year behind. One class!!!!!!! So far as a student at UT, I have just over a 3.0. I am not at all saying that a 3 is great, but I am not the smartest kid on the block. So I am really proud of my self, haveing a 3 as a physics major. So I guess thats my ramble for the year.